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          The Post-Graduate Program in Science and Biotechnology (PPBI) is part of the Institute of Biology of the Federal Fluminense University, which is one of the current Brazilian leading universities on different ranking evaluations (Top 20 best Brazilian UniversitiesTop 20 and 50 best universities in Latin America, and BRICS Top 30 best universities ).

     PPBI aims to train skilled individuals at master, doctoral and post-PhD levels in order to contribute to Science and Biotechnology development. Our professionals are able to develop innovative and applied projects according to local and global needs creating science without borders.

Research in Border Areas

      In our program, we present frontier topics involving Bioinformatics, Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology and Biomaterials as well as searches for new prototypes for drugs of synthetic or natural origin. We are still optimizing ways to disseminate Biotechnology and its complex topics through the production of inclusive materials for people with special educational needs (eg high skills, blindness and / or deafness).

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